Personal Injury

We hope you are never involved in an accident that causes you physical injury but, in the event you are injured due to someone else’s actions, the attorneys at The Hart Firm, LLC are ready to help you. Being injured in an accident can be overwhelming and stressful, but The Hart Firm, LLC is here to walk with you every step of the way to recover the compensation you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact The Hart Firm, LLC to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your personal injury matter.


If you are hurt in a car accident, it is important that you get the medical attention you need and discuss your situation with an experienced attorney at The Hart Firm, LLC. Having worked for insurance companies for over ten years, the attorneys at The Hart Firm, LLC know the tricks of insurance companies in trying to reduce or deny your claim for money damages. The Hart Firm, LLC will represent you through the process of settling your claim or filing a lawsuit against those responsible for your injuries.


As a consumer, you should be able to buy a product without being injured by it. Unfortunately, a bad design or poor manufacturing technique can cause you or your loved one to suffer an injury while using a product. When a faulty product causes an injury, don’t hesitate to call The Hart Firm, LLC to discuss your situation as soon as possible.


The Hart Firm has the experience with insurance claim disputes to represent you through the complex arena of insurance claim disputes and litigation. If you have experienced a major loss from fire, theft or some other casualty and you are not sure what your rights are, contact The Hart Firm, LLC for a free case evaluation.